Colin Mckenzie, Bassist and Composer

Recent media coverage of Barlovento.

Intransit’s debut album ‘Barlovento’ was recently reviewed by iBass Magazine and Jazz Views and also included in Jazz View’s list of recommended recent releases.

Review in iBass Magazine (November/December 2014) -

‘There’s certainly a Weather Report-esque vibe on Barlovento but it’s far from bassist and bandleader Colin McKenzie’s only reference point – there are flashes of synth that wouldn’t be out of place on a Yellowjackets track and some quirky electronic anthems that Chick Corea would happily borrow.

It’s testimony to McKenzie’s taste as both supportive sideman and soloist that he continually finds space, weaving lines in and around the soloists. When he steps out into solo mode his ideas are mini studies in taste and tone, a fine example of which can be found on the opening ‘ Sucre’, with it’s darting fretless line augmented by Gabriel Keen on keyboards. An eclectic new group to watch out for’.                                                                         Nick Wells.

Review in Jazz Views (December 2014) -

Formed in 2012 by Scottish born, London based bass guitarist, Colin McKenzie, this is the debut album by Intransit featuring seven original compositions. As the instrumentation of the band would perhaps indicate, the music performed is very much in the jazz-rock/fusion setting.It is perhaps at this point that unfortunately some readers of this review may go looking elsewhere for their fix and this would be a shame. The mere mention of the genre still has the effect of sending jazz purists running for the hills, and quite why fusion should be regarded as a dirty word is a mystery; after all jazz has always been a hybrid music, embracing many musical cultures from its earliest days in New Orleans, through to the Cuban influences in bebop with Dizzy Gillespie and right up to the present day. However, that is a debate for another day, and it is the music of Barlovernto that is the topic of discussion.

‘Barlovento’ – debut album from Intransit

I’m pleased to announce that ‘Barlovento’, the debut album from my group Intransit has been released! It is available on Bandcamp and on the website for stream or purchase.

The album contains seven original compositions and I’m very happy to have recorded these tunes with three of the most exciting musicians currently based in London, UK: Keyboards player Gabriel Keen, kit player George Hart and percussionist Maurizio Ravalico. My thanks go to them for their wonderful musicianship and the spirit they brought to this project.

All tracks were recorded and mixed with engineer George Murphy at Eastcote Studios in London and mastered by Andrew Tulloch at the Blue Studio in London. Many thanks to both George and Andrew for their invaluable input and professionalism.