Colin Mckenzie, Bassist and Composer

About Intransit


Gabriel Keen, Maurizio Ravalico, George Hart, Colin McKenzie


‘I’ve been composing a lot of pieces over the past five or six years and towards the end of 2012 I decided to put a group together to play this music. I wanted the group to be a quartet including bass, keyboards, kit and percussion, I also knew the first person I would ask to join would be keyboards player Gabriel Keen.

Gabriel’s a fantastic musician who not only excels as a pianist but also as a synthesizer player – and with all that this entails it makes him quite a rarity. For the compositions to work with this kind of quartet it means there’s a lot for Gabriel to cover and he does it brilliantly. His contribution to the group and his involvement in the making of Intransit’s debut album have been invaluable to me, Gab’s a big part of the sound we make.

Kit player George Hart and percussionist Maurizio Ravalico came into it a little later. They’d already worked together in various groups so they knew each other’s playing, which was a big plus because they play together so well. George is a great kit player, he’s musically minded, very inventive and always has a great sound…he really is what you’d call a musicians’ drummer. Maurizio too is a very musically minded player, sensitive to the compositions. He’s a very creative musician who can use sound textures to great effect as well as being a very gifted hand drummer.

The energy and quality of musicianship that Gabriel, George and Maurizio bring to the compositions is evident as you can hear on the album and it’s a pleasure to work with them’.


Intransit is based in London, UK and was formed in 2012 by bass guitarist Colin McKenzie.
The members of Intransit have played in many musical genres with a diversity of artists and producers, some of these include:
Quincy Jones Productions, Jesus Alemani, Mutt Lange, Jamiroquai, Stewart Levine, Betty Davis, Paul McCartney, Alan Holsdworth, Glen Ballard, Swing Out Sister, Stevie Wonder, James Taylor Quartet, Changuito, Billy Ocean, Des’ree, Bobby Bradford, Trevor Watts, Gary Husband, Jeff Beck, Jason Yarde, Greg Osby, Tony Oxley, Don Rendell.

They have also performed at many venues throughout the world, including many major jazz and music festivals, some of these include:

Europe: London Jazz Festival, Glastonbury Music Festival, Berlin Jazz Festival, San Sebastian Jazz Festival, Skopje Jazz Festival, Montreaux Jazz Festival.

U.S.A: JVC Chicago Jazz Festival, JVC New York Jazz Festival, Monterey Jazz Festival, San Francisco Jazz Festival, Dallas Festival of Arts/Jazz, Washington Freedom Jazz Festival.

Canada: Montreal Jazz Festival, Toronto Jazz Festival, Vancouver Jazz Festival, Ottawa Jazz Festival.

China: Beijing: Jazz Festival, Shanghai Jazz Festival.

South America: Colombia, Venezuela, Equador, Bolivia.

Australia: Sydney Jazz Festival, Wangaratta Jazz Festival, Melbourne Jazz Festival.

New Zealand: Wellington Jazz Festival.

Japan: Sapporo Jazz Festival

India: Mumbai Jazz Festival, Madras Jazz Festival.

Africa: Sudan International Music Festival, Cameroon ‘Jazz sous les Manguiers’.